Illinois General Assembly Votes to Adopt Senate Resolution 170 in Efforts to Promote Micro Mortgages for Low-Income & Minority Illinoisans

In an earlier post on current affairs, regarding homeownership inequality, we wrote about how Illinois is at the forefront of the national homeownership equality battle, and that the State General Assembly of Illinois was considering an initiative to promote micro mortgages and affordable homes under $75,000. We are pleased to announce that Senate Resolution 170 (SRO170) was passed on the floor June 1st. This is an essential first step toward not only promoting affordable homes in Illinois and beyond, but also in promoting lenders like our ally company, AHP Mortgage Direct, which specializes in micro mortgages as low as $5,000 and up to $75,000.

It is with great pride that we here at AHP 75 played a direct role in the conversation among state lawmakers about affordable homes and our willingness to originate micro mortgages as low as $5,000 up to $100,000. With State Senators, like Robert Peters, taking the mantle and bringing this all-too-important conversation to the floor of the general assembly, we now have a resolution that includes a list of micro mortgage originators—like AHP Mortgage Direct—collected and maintained by the Illinois Housing Development Authority. This mandate from the Illinois General Assembly will give all people of Illinois access to a valuable database of hard-to-find lenders willing to originate micro mortgages.

This database is an essential weapon in the fight to raise homeownership to 75% for all Americans, as many national lenders rarely loan money to buyers on homes beneath $75,000. Now, poor and minority Illinoisans will have direct access to lenders who are not only willing to loan on properties less than $75,000, but also will be able to purchase homes more easily in our state’s (and country’s) most affordable neighborhoods. We do not take this accomplishment at our statehouse lightly, and are grateful for the hard work of Senator Peters and his colleagues in pushing for this resolution to be passed.

Another important benefit of the resolution’s passing is that the Illinois Housing Development Authority has been directed to “promote homeownership of homes under $75,000,” which will enable would-be buyers in affordable communities to find homes that meet this definition, giving realistic optimism about how affordable homeownership is possible. People who have counted themselves out of ever owning a home will now be informed of their options, and we hope to see the percentage of homeowners in poor and minority communities rise to the national average of 75%, as their White home-owning counterparts have been able to do for decades.

At AHP 75, this has always been—and will always be—our mission. It is in our very name. 75% homeownership for all is not only feasible, but it is possible with the right tools, education, and companies like our allies who specialize in every stage of the home-buying process—from credit remediation to micro mortgages, and everything in between.

If you or someone you know is interested in purchasing a home, credit remediation, finding a Community Impact Real Estate Agent who aligns themselves with our mission, or have questions about any aspect of the home-buying process, we encourage you to visit our website at AHP 75 and see what sorts of tools we have to offer. Because of lawmakers like Senator Peters, we are now one step closer to achieving the mission of AHP 75.

The passage of SRO170 is welcome positive news for the state of Illinois. But the fight for homeownership equality is far from finished. So we must press forward pushing back against the many mechanisms standing in the way of homeownership for 75% of all Americans, regardless of race or income.

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Aaron Morales is the Social Justice Writer for AHP 75, based out of Chicago, IL.